Who needs the service?

  • Companies with growing number of projects
  • Companies in reorganization
  • Rapid company growth
  • Quality decrease or with unsatisfied customers
  • Adoption of new methodologies or practices

Why do you need the service?

  • To optimise your workflow and procedures
  • To gain speed through a more efficient  workflow
  • To improve communication between your internal teams
  • To avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings
  • To increase the quality level of your services
  • To faster adopt new methodologies
  • To quickly adopt new practices without loosing quality
  • To gain a transparent and measurable process
  • Closer and more effective collaboration between QA, Dev and Business units
  • To gain improved software testing strategy
  • To gain a testing environment tailored to your business needs and processes
  • Fewer human failures in communication; improved work efficiency
  • Optimize development, QA efforts and costs

What we will provide:

Consultants with worldwide experience in Quality Assurance who will apply a 4 step solution: Analysis, Planning, Implementation, Support. During the Analysis phase we will LISTEN to customer’s needs, we will have interviews with key stakeholders and determine the deficiencies.The Planning phase will be used to find a solution which will improve the current situation and contribute to customer’s ROIDuring the Implementation we will put in practice what we planned and demonstrate the real advantages of our solutions.The Support phase is reserved for assisting the Beneficiary in taking over the process, extending it and keep a constant practice.