Business Areas

iQST Expertize

We invite you to find out about our work in six business areas. We are very proud of our achievements working with large companies with products and services so different from one another.

Our projects in Telecom industry were mostly software testing services including manual and automated testing plus performance testing. Our customers in telecom were Vodafone Romania, Vodafone Hungary and Zain Tanzania. In all projects we used HP Quality Center as Testing management tool and HP Tools (QTP; LoadRunner) for test automation. In all projects we delivered trainings on how to use the tools and the methodologies we created. the most challenging one was in Tanzania where we needed to infuse more testing knowledge in their team. We had the best results in Vodafone Romania where automated testing is highly used and appreciated. The AUT tested was mostly Amdocs system which includes a wide suite of telco specific java based applications.

In Oil&Gas Industry we worked for several companies of Rompetrol Group and GDF Suez through one or more integrators. The most important application tested was SAP for which we delivered functional and performance testing. The largest project involved both functional automated testing and performance. The functional testing was designed using BPT = Business Process Testing, a concept who allowed us to start testing very early in the SDLC. This way we found incidents in early modules or components of AUT and decreased significantly the fixing costs for our customer. Later towards the end of testing period the same tests were reused to compose the most important business scenarios, reusing the components allowed the testing team to focus more on creating new test scenarios. For all projects we insisted in replicating the end-user experience thus adding one more advantage in day to day business.


The Banking industry is a highly appreciated customer for us since the accuracy of testing must be very high. through different integrators we delivered successful projects in BRD Group Societe Generale, Raiffeisen, Volksbank, BCR – Erste, Banca Romaneasca – NBG. The systems tested were Oracle FlexCube, Oracle Business Suite, Temenos. In these projects we implemented our test methodology in Quality Centre or HP ALM, we executed manual testing according to ISO29119, functional automated testing using HP UFT and performance testing using HP LoadRunner. The highest achievement was the implementation of a Quality Assurance Methodology following the V Model. The advantage of this implementation was a very high degree of automation which helped the customer to sped up his process with more than 35%. Ontop of that we may add the cohesion between teams which came from different departments and a 70% gain in speed with automated testing. The test automation helped the acceptance testing team to focus on creating new test scenarios rather than repeat tests on the main business flows. The repetitive work was taken by the test automation tool, the tests were executed weekly thus having a very good idea regarding the quality status of their main business processes.

We implemented a significant number of projects in the government sector. Most projects had EU financing which challenged the entire consortium to finish at deadline. We called it a challenge because the consortium are usually formed based only on financial considerations and we have heterogenous teams with different mindsets, methodologies or standards. In these projects we used both Agile and VModel according to project’s necessities. In these projects we put the accent on knowledge transfer to enable Beneficiaries teams to be effective counterparts in testing. We aligned all teams to deliver at the QA standard imposed by project (usually aligned to ISO 29119, 9001) and executed all types of testing (functional, performance, manual, automated, on all levels of V Model). In these projects we rejected more builds that in any other industry. Among the customers were The Official Journal, ONRC, Ministries of Health, Internal Affairs, Justice etc.

In Pharma we manually tested standard pharmaceutical applications, we applied all the testing techniques described in ISTQB curricula thus creating large batteries of tests.


In Retail and Turism industry the most representatives Beneficiaries of our testing services were Decathlon (project delivered in Lille) and AMADEUS. Since they are projects in private sector they had very high standards of quality. For Decathlon we delivered performance testing in a migration of their internal SAP system from standard database to SAP HANA. the goal was to prove if it works faster with HANA… and so it did. For AMADEUS most deliveries were in the training area insisting on tools usage like HP ALM.