About iQST


Who we are

  • An offshore/nearshore outsourcing company


  • A company specialised in software testing and quality assurance


  • A team which covers a wide range of testing types


  • Specialists in automated testing, manual testing and test management

Who we are

Why we are on the market

What we can do for you

How we work

Future business areas

People & Skills

Why we are on the market




Put your money where your mouth is

High value normal costs

Strive for improvement

Lifetime Partnership

People create, machines execute

Who we are




To be seen as the preferred vendor for software

testing services due to our ability to generate return

on investment through test automation and

shortening time to market

People create, machines execute

Who we are




Using our experience to support our customers in

their efforts to be more innovative while approaching

the quality process/testing because we strongly believe that

brain can be used for creation and machines for execution.

We can bring you advantages


We estimate ROI on each project


We prove our point through Proof of Concept


Our geographic location allows us to offer decent prices


Our cultural approach to European countries and to USA is the best


We have a solid skill set in our area of business


We have experience with large corporations as well as with small companies

What can we do for you

We can surfaces bugs and defects that only your customers could foresee, allowing your team to focus on creating useful applications beneficial for your business.

Bring Clarity

Build Confidence

Listen to Your Needs

Assurance process

Focus on 3 major resources


    • Due to our experience we can plan and implement an efficient automated testing solution faster and reduce the time until the first results are visible
  • We create the most efficient testing scenarios and choose the right TC’s to be automated
  •  One of the key advantages of automated testing is the reusability of the scripts, we create scripts in such manner that they can be used in composing various combinations of business scenarios. With such a solution the assembling of a new test plan (scenario) takes only a few hours
  • We already know the automated testing products and we do not need extra time to learn how to use them
  • We have experience in conceiving and implementing successful automated testing solutions, we do not need extra time to learn how to do that
  • In out team’s knowledge are included trainings from world’s number 1 automated testing solutions provider Mercury Interactive. We had the opportunity to learn from the best and now we can use their best practices for our customer’s benefits

  • A normal learning curve for a team without experience in automated testing can vary from 6 months to more than one year until they deliver a really efficient solution. We no longer need this time, during this period we will deliver you results


    •  We offer you high quality specialists at the lowest prices on the local market
  • We work with various test automation tools, you can choose licenses according to your budget
  • Using our efficient automated testing solutions you do not have to increase your manual testing team thus keeping a low level of long term costs


    • Our specialists are highly skilled in testing methodologies (ISEB certification)
  • We create automated testing solutions that can easily adapt to any business scenarios required by your marketing department
  • We guide our activity in accordance with international standards such as BS7925, ITIL, BS7799
  • We can successfully adapt the most fitted theoretical model for the customer needs (RUP, XP, V model, Waterfall, RAD etc…)
  • We have high communication skills, some of our testers have extensive customer service experience
  • We easily integrate in any working environment. Our people have experience in mixed international teams which refined their communication skills
  • Our management experience in software testing will help building an efcient workflow that will contribute to your project’s success
  • We work objective oriented. Our goal in this project is to deliver you a solution that finds defects in your software, reduces testing time, increases your testing quality, makes easier the reporting process and levels down your long term costs
  • The most often reason of failure of automated testing projects is defining wrong objectives

How we work

We can surface bugs and defects that only your customers could foresee, allowing your team to focus on creating useful applications beneficial for your business.

More Quality for your money.

Speed and Quality.

People & Skills

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Future Business Areas

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iQST is always looking for combining the advantages and best practices of all of the methodologies we use. We focus on creating an efficient, transparent, predictable, and controllable process. We choose the best methodology for your project and team

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