All types of testing that you need

The  automated  testing  solution  comes  to  upgrade  the  manual  testing  adding  extra  speed  and  quality  during  the  execution  (more   than  50%  faster),  maintaining  a  high  testing  standard  for  all  iterations  and  cost  reduction.  Automated  testing  is  recommended  for   repetitive  tests  and  high  volume  tests.  The  advantages  of  the  automated  testing  solution  are:

  • Testing  time  reduction
  • Increased  frequency  of  end  to  end  regression  tests
  • Constant  High  Quality  tests
  • Overnight  unafended  test  runs
  • Costs  reduction  for  repairing  the  potential  defects  by  early  detection
  • Gathers  solid  data  to  support    GoLive  decisions
  • Compatibility  with  a  high  variety  of  platforms
  • Simulation  of  business  scenarios  used  in  real  environment
  • Posibility  of  testing  the  entire  end-­‐to-­‐end  business  processes
  • Tools  compatible  with  the  newest  standards  and  testing  methodologies
Automated Functional Testing100%

Performance  tes+ng  can  be  executed  only  using  specialised  so#ware.  The  implamenta+on  of  performance  tes+ng  has  three  majos  phases:

Analyse  the  current  activity  in  the  tested  system,  we  determine  the  appropiate  areas  to  be  verified  for  performance  testing.  This  phase  has  as  outcome  a  test  plan.   Create  performance  testing  scripts,  these  scripts  simulate  the  real  user  activity  as  if  manual  users  would  do  it.   Create  and  Run  the  performance  testing  scenario.  This  Scenario  simulates  the  distribution  of  users  in  the  time  frame  selected  with  different  daily  activitities  in  high  numbers.   The  test  will  simulate  the  real  activity  on  the  system  under  test  and  reports  back  the  response  time  and  other  measurements.  For  more  accuracy  we  can  use  a  Diagnostics  tool   wich  may  analyse  as  deep  as  the  duration  of  SQL  queries,  functions  or  methods.

We  recommend  as  performance  testing  tools  HP  LoadRunner  and  HP  Diagnostics  This  software  is  dedicated  to  performance  testing,  supports  a  wide  range  of  applications  and  is   able  to  monitor  the  load  of  the  entyre  system.  This  software  has  a  record/replay  functionality  which  makes  very  easy  the  script  creation.  Will  be  used  to  simulate  the  actions  of  a   large  number  of  users  and  monitor  the  implemented  architecture.

Performance Testing100%

The  manual  testing  will  be  used  to  verify  the  developed  functionalities.  In  order  to  have  a  full  controll  over  the  manual  testing  solution,  we   will  use  a  Software  Management  Tool  (recommended  HP  Application  Lifecycle  Management)  for  managing  test  cases,  releases,  cycles,   functional  specifications,  test  plans,  defects,  reports  of  the  testing  results  and  KPI’s.     According  to  the  theoretical  V  model  the  testing  process  will  include  the  following  phases:

  • Test  Case  and  Test  Plan  creation  according  to  functional  specifications.  The  test  cases  will  be  added  to  the  list  when  the  functional   specifications  will  be  delivered.  We  will  create  test  cases  for  business  specifications,  functional  specifications  and  technical  specifications.   Based  on  these  test  cases  there  will  be  developed  business  scenarios  which  will  cover  all  or  most  of  functionalities  of  the  system.
  • Once  all  application  will  be  delivered,  the  testing  process  will  be  started.  Depending  on  how  the  standard  application  and  additional   developments  will  be  delivered  (all  at  once  or  module  by  module)  we  will  use  different  types  of  testing  according  to  V  model  specifications.
  • The  next  phase  of  the  process  is  the  integration  testing,  when  there  will  be  tested  the  interaction  of  the  SAP  system  with  all  other  external   applications  supposed  to  exchange  informations  with
  • The  last  phase  will  be  the  execution  of  UAT  (user  acceptance  test).  This  is  a  complete  testing  phase  based  on  the  business  specifications   usualy  executed  by  the  final  user  with  our  assistance
Manual testing100%

Business  Process  Testing  enables  non-­‐technical  subject  matter  experts  to  build,  data-­‐drive,  execute  and  document  test  automation  without  any  programming  knowledge,   allowing  them  to  focus  on  creating  high-­‐level  test  flows  that  mirror  actual  business  process  while  quality  engineers  concentrate  their  efforts  on  areas  that  facilitate   automation.  Business  Process  Testing  provides  capabilities  and  benefits  no  other  product  on  the  market  can  match.  It:

  • Greatly  simplifies  and  speeds  up  the  test  design  process  by  using  “components”  (business  process  building  blocks)
  • Allows  QA  and  testing  teams  to  start  the  test  design  process  much  sooner—during  system  design—  accelerating  time-­‐to-­‐deployment  for  high-­‐quality  software
  • Generates  automated  tests  and  test  case  documentation  in  a  single  step,  eliminating  the  expensive  and  time  consuming  processes  of  creating  and  maintaining  test  records
  • Enables  QA  teams  to  use  prepackaged  test  assets  and  best  practices  to  implement  test  automation  for  leading  enterprise  resource  planning  (ERP)  and  customer relationship  management  (CRM)  applications,  saving  time  and  leveraging  the  knowledge  of  experts
  • Raises  the  adoption  rate  for  test  automation  because  it  is  so  easy  to  deploy  and  use  Business  Process  Testing  can  also  help  enterprises  get  more  out  of  the  tools  they  have   already  purchased

We  recommend  HP  Business  Process  Tes0ng  solution  from  HP  (as  part  of  HP  Quality  Center)

The mobile phone has transitioned from its traditional role as a mere communication medium to that of a multipurpose personal gadget. Technological advancements and the proliferation of devices across operating systems (Apple iOS, Android and Windows Mobile) and platforms have made it more challenging for hardware manufacturers and application developers to develop and roll out new products

As with conventional applications, there is an increased need to automate mobile applications testing to improve scale and efficiency. A well-orchestrated automation strategy enables hardware manufacturers and software developers to reduce effort and accelerate time to market.

  • You will be sure that your application works stable on different mobile devices and networks
  • Time-to-market will be reduced significantly
  • Your mobile app will demonstrate the highest level of user experience and quality
  • Cost-efficiency and time saving
Mobile Testing100%

Imagine what could happen if  you customer finds difficult to use the software applications provided by you… Will he/she move  to another supplier? Will they only quit the service? Will they call you every 5 minutes to ask for directions? Through usability testing we create a series of tests who’s purpose is to verify how easy to use is your application. These tests are created in accordance to your customer profile