Quality Assurance

  • Define workflows and procedures
  • Optimize existing workflows
  • KPI definition
The workflow and procedure definition will be a valuable asset for any company being able to improve “in time and budget” project success ratio by offering increased control over the project (from testing phase, defect management, testing allocation, testing coverage, defects response time). It will allow distributed collaboration and communication between QA teams, developers and business analysts on a single platform. We want to bring all together – financials, people and projects – in a consolidated place where we can control test, defect, time, cost and resource management challenges. We would like to be able to perform test planning, scheduling and execution, defect management, release & cycle management, real time reporting of testing progress and status, test cases reutilization through several projects. Our final objectives are to create a comprehensive and consolidated view of entire platform and to establish a uniform and controlled process throughout the projects lifecycle, delivering predictable execution of projects and programs.
Workflow optimization is an important way to reduce costs and provide better services for stakeholders. With inefficient workflows, things take longer and cost more to get done. In addition, rethinking workflows is a critical part of the process of incorporating new technologies. There are many methodologies for optimizing workflows such as Lean based on the Toyota Production System, and Six Sigma. Lean methodologies focus on eliminating waste and improving quality. Six Sigma focuses on the “quality of process outputs” and removing defects. And some practicitioners have been trained in a combination of both methodologies called Lean Six Sigma. All of these methodologies can be automated in a Lifecycle Management Tool with significant reduction of time sopent by the users to communicate information and with elimination of redundant activities. All areas in IT can benefit most from workflow optimization and automation. The main goal is to integrate the activity of all teams in one software application with automated workflow and procedure to make the people’s work easier and more profitable. When introducing new technology, especially technology that reduces the staff workload and focuses more on self-service, it is important for libraries to change their service model while embracing the values that drive the organization.
A Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Organizations use KPIs at multiple levels to evaluate their success at reaching targets. High-level KPIs may focus on the overall performance of the enterprise, while low-level KPIs may focus on processes in departments such as sales, marketing or a call center.In IT projects it is crucial to evaluate every area of your system and be aware at any moment in time what might go wrong. Ofcourse we all assume at the beginning that activity will run smoothly and successful however from time to time things may go wrong and you need to be alerted immediately to take corrective actions. Imagine what would be if a spark will light a piece of paper in your living room and you will find out about it couple of hours later when smoke comes out of the room.

Who needs the service?

Quality Assurance managers who need to keep the project under control. Stakeholders who want to be confident in the success of their projects. Managers who want to avoid waisting time to build reports and statistics. People who need to focus on their main line of activity rather than spending time with information transfer.

What will we provide:

Quality Assurance methodology Adherence to international ISO standards: 29119; 9241; 25051 and IEEE829.

Workflows and procedures for all teams involved in Software Development Lifecycle activity.

Workflow automation in an Application Lifecycle Management ToolA full set of Key Performance Indicators and predefined reports adapted to your project’s needs.Create dashboards adapted to each role to improve usabilityA full set of notifications and alerts who will inform you real time about any issue relevant

Create dashboards adapted to each role to improve usabilityA full set of notifications and alerts who will inform you real time about any issue relevant for your role.