Achieving performance. iQST Is People With Attitude 

Using our experience to support our customers in their efforts to be more innovative while approaching the quality process/testing because we strongly believe that brain can be used for creation and machines for execution.

What are we doing

  • Software Testing Management
  • Development of Testing Methodologies
  • Manual testing
  • Functional Automated Testing
  • Performance Testing & Diagnostics
  • Consultancy for UAT teams
  • Training in Software Testing
  • Test Process Improvement
  • Business process review
  • ROI calculations

Why Working with Us

  • Our team is ISTQB certified
  • We have experience in national and international projects
  • We worked in Banking, Government, Oil&Gas, Retail, Telecom companies
  • We provide quality services at decent prices
  • We are certified by the producers of software tools we use
  • We work with all HP testing products


Our Services

The goal of testing is to make the customer confident in the delivered software

Why use professional testers

Testing and programming are two different professions, we would like to present in the following lines the fundamentals of the two activities to justify the necessity of testers doing testing work.

The very nature of testing is to find faults in software, a destructive process. A tester is concerned if the system does what the user wants, is reliable and doesn’t do things it shouldn’t. He will spend long hours looking for faults in the software but in destructive way. In a tester’s mind the dominant idea is that “a software always has errors and they must be found”. Testers are looking at the software from the customer’s perspective.

A developer, as any other person, is sentimentally attached to his work and by empathy to his / her colleagues work therefore is most likely that he will not find defects in his own work.

A tester’s job is to find faults by any methods at his disposal while a developer’s task is to complete the system which cannot be done until all faults are identified and remedied. Thus we have two different roles that complete each other.

  • 70

    percent decrease of testing time

  • 4


  • 10


  • 3625

    hours of training

Quality Assurance

Our final objectives are to create a comprehensive and consolidated view of entire platform and to establish a uniform and controlled  process throughout the projects lifecycle, delivering predictable execution of projects and programs.

How we work

iQST is always looking for combining the advantages and best practices of all of the methodologies we use. We focus on creating an efficient, transparent, predictable, and controllable process. We choose the best methodology for your project and team